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AR15 Shoot

This event is a fun shoot which through shooting each course of fire, allows participants hone their skills in:

♦ Manipulation of their rifle and pistol.
♦ Transitioning from rifle to pistol and pistol to rifle while stationary and moving.
♦ Reloading their rifle and pistol safely and smoothly while stationary and moving.
♦ Shooting while moving.
♦ Combining speed and accuracy in weapon manipulation.
♦ Clearing malfunctions in your rifle or pistol during a course of fire.

Scenarios/stages can range between very simple to dynamic. Drill based scenarios/stages that will allow you to incorporate:

♦ Engaging in stationary and movement shooting at multiple targets with multiple shots per target.
♦ Transitioning to secondary weapon.
♦ Reloading with rifle and pistol.
♦ Shooting from cover.
♦ Reloading from cover.
♦ Decision making and critical thinking skills by:
Shooting the stage correctly, engaging targets in the correct order with the correct amount of shots, and not shooting “friendlies”.

This is a competitive shoot

♦ Shoot against up to 14 other participants.
♦ Scoring is based on speed and accuracy.
♦ Stages are timed against a shot timer.
♦ Your initial time is your score. misses will add anywhere from 1 to 5 seconds to initial time.
♦ Lowest time after misses added wins the stage.