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I came in yesterday to buy a Glock 43. I've been in the range a few times before and it was a no brainier to come buy there. I walked in and everyone said hey straight off and asked what they could help me with. I told them and they went right to the cabinet and pulled out the 43 for me. I was asked if I had looked at the Sig, yup, but I told them I had considered it and this is the one I wanted as all my guns are Glocks. Very important point here: that was the end of the discussion. He asked and offered an option, I answered. There wasn't any why in the world do you want that gun, don't you want to look at something else, you're a woman and need a revolver, that's too much gun for you, Glocks "don't have safeties" BS, etc. My decision was respected. Meanwhile, I lady was there and trying to figure out what was best for her. Everyone was patient and made recommendations while she looked for the perfect gun. We started the quick easy buy process and it was completely stress free. I also brought in a Judge that we keep in the office that I'm unfamiliar with (and generally unfamiliar with revolvers) and wanted to try in case I needed to use it. They took the time to suggest how to grip and tell me what to expect with it. When the shells wouldn't eject after I shot it, and I came out to ask for an assist - someone joined me and just showed me what happens with revolvers, how to fix the issue, and done. The guys that work here are top notch. I came in and was treated like a member of the family that they see every week. No female double standards. No doubting my skills. Helped with a new gun I was unfamiliar with without giving me crap. It. Was. Refreshing. This is not the treatment I've received at other ranges. I won't shoot anywhere else and this will be the only place I make any future purchases. Appreciate the great service. -Andrea
Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. If someone does not know the answer to one of my questions, they say, “I don’t know, but I can find out.” Being in sales myself, this is an admirable quality and speaks well for all of you folks.
Nice Place - I was looking for a range closer to home and had not been here since the remodel. Clean and Modern. Could probably use more lanes but every range could. Staff was great. I like the rental option of swapping to another gun without penalty.
David Fields
I went with my girlfriend today, and we are beginning shooters. I have been skeet and trap shooting once before, and she had never held a gun before. From the moment we walked into Norcross Gun Club and Range, the men behind the counter were extremely helpful. They recommended an easy firearm to start with, and came quickly (and with a smile) to our aid whenever we had a problem with a gun on the range. If/when we go back to the shooting range in Atlanta, it will DEFINITELY be to this place. Great service and lots of fun.
Max M