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Customer Reviews of the Sig Sauer P227 TACOPS
Gun Test Glock 41 & Sig P227 Tactical
The first gun tested was the new and improved Glock 41. The gun had all the familiar hallmarks of the Glock brand, which include the polymer frame, standard Glock sights, and the new Gen 4 adjustable grip. The gun had around a 5lb trigger pull, a fairly short reset, and felt good in the hand. The point ability of the firearm was excellent, as a result of the full size sight picture (longer slide). The accuracy of the gun was also good. However, due to the polymer frame, the gun did ‘clap’ as result of shooting a 45ACP from a fairly lightweight gun. This is nothing that would cause you to flinch, or shy away from ownership of a 41, though.
The second gun tested was the Sig Sauer P227 Tactical 45 ACP, with extended magazine, night sights, threaded barrel, and the short reset trigger. The P227 Tactical has a steel slide and aluminum alloy frame. The gun, due to its design, has inherently less recoil than most semi-automatics, and the short reset trigger allows for better follow up shots. The gun felt a little bit top-heavy, but shot like a rock star. The significant reduction of the felt recoil will be recognized immediately by any person that shoots them. Because of the reduced recoil & lighter trigger, the gun put together great groups that were slightly better than the Glock 41. Most will argue it’s the Indian and not the arrow, but in this instance, if you have the money to spend, why not get the best arrow that you can shoot?!


The Sig P227 TACOPS over all is a great pistol.  It is super accurate and recoil isn’t that much of a problem.  It is a BIG and solid pistol.  I felt like Thor holding it.  It’s feels solid because  it is fully metal framed gun.  The grip are soft touch, and it make holding the pistol very easy.  I have big hands and I felt my hands weren’t totally wrapped around it.  I also had issue with getting use to the slide lock being so close to the decocker…why Sig?  This gun is big enough for a decocker and a slide lock.  The slide does not lock on the last round. Most of the time it’s my hands hitting the slide lock, but I don’t think that’s the case this time.
As for shooting the pistol I was pleasantly stunned.  This gun made me a better shooter.  Even though this was a .45, this pistol performed like my 9mm pistols…actually better.  There was no mistake I was shooting a .45, but almost all of my shots hit where I was putting them,  this included double taps.  Because of the decent slide length it was easier to see the muzzle rise, and with a small amount of focus the muzzle rise was very manageable.  The trigger reset is almost magic.  It take a little time to figure out where the trigger reset, but at the end of that short exercise is the find the magic.  The trigger reset is very very short!  It not a tactile click like on a Glock, but it’s there.  The initial travel on your first shot is actually kind of long, but acceptable.
Shooting the pistol in double-action mode is surprisingly  good.  I found that I was just a accurate even though the trigger pull was harder.  I did have to remind myself that the follow up shot was a much light pull since that shot was single action.  If this was my gun that the double-single action transition would be my primary focus.    I may buy one of these guns one day.  For me the biggest hurdle is the size.
-R. Thompson